10 Years – Time For an Update

TLDR: We are not going out of business. New products are coming.

We’ve been producing electronic component kits since April 10th of 2010, 10 years now. Throughout that time we’ve maintained our commitment to consistency and quality. That commitment isn’t changing but it is time to make some big changes to bring our products in line with current market conditions.

We were the first company on Amazon to produce electronics kits neatly organized by type and made available with free shipping through the Amazon Prime program. Our products became hugely successful because of that partnership. Unfortunately, Amazon’s costs are rising. Our relationship with Amazon has become more of a burden than a benefit.

The good news is that we are not Amazon. Even though we’ve been consistent throughout the years we are not afraid of making big changes that will ultimately benefit our customers.

What We’re Doing

  • New Warehouse
  • New Products

Order Fulfillment

We are moving to our own warehouse. Our products will no longer be available through the Prime program but they will still be sold on Amazon. We will ship them directly from Burlington, NC. This will have a number of advantages for customers:

  • International Shipping
  • Product Customization
  • Lower Product Costs
  • Greater Product Variety

Everything on our website currently ships from this new warehouse location. This transition is already complete.

New Products

Our most popular products have been our resistor kits. These have previously contained 86 ohm values. The new resistor kits will be composed of several smaller decade sets of 12 ohm values. These boxes can be purchased together to form a full set or be purchased alone.

All new products will follow this same sub-kit format. All of these modules will have the same size so it’s easy to build a kit from them. This new kit format will have a few advantages:

  • Lower cost per component.
  • Greater flexibility. Order the components you need and not those you don’t.
  • Easier replenishment. A QR code on every box will make replacing parts easier.
  • Customize. Building your own kit will now be possible. It’ll be possible to build a kit containing several types of components like resistors, capacitors, and LEDs together.
  • New components and parts. We were previously limited to making kits that met a certain price point. We can now offer a greater variety of parts and components that wouldn’t previously be worthwhile if sold as a $20 kit but will work as a $5 portion of a larger electronics kit.

We sincerely appreciate our customer’s loyalty over the past 10 years. These next 10 years are going to be a period of intense growth and innovation. We will never stop working to ensure our customers have every electronic part and tool they need to build their ideas.

Please check the website periodically over the next couple of months to see when these updated products start becoming available.

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