Website Update

Our website has undergone many changes during its time online. On October 18th, 2019 we published an entirely new site. Our focus with this revision is on improving the customer experience and value we provide. Previously on our old website customers were redirected to Amazon to complete their purchase after adding products to their shopping cart. We will now be processing these orders directly on our website. Amazon has always made up the bulk of our sales but this is often at the detriment of the interests of our customers.

Lower Fees

Amazon’s fees have been increasing consistently over time. Because Amazon offers free shipping with their Prime service these fees are not always obvious to the customer. Sometimes as much as half of the price the customer pays is fees that go to Amazon. We’re tired of it so we’re doing something about it. Our products will be available on this website directly from us for a lower price than you find on Amazon because we are cutting all of those extra fees out. By offering lower prices we’re more competitive and you, our customer, are happier.

Discounted Shipping

Amazon Prime is great. Everyone loves free shipping. But what about when you want to order more than 1 item? Isn’t it cheaper per unit to ship 4 of something than just 1? It is! Amazon normally takes this savings as extra profit but we will be offering shipping rates that decrease on a per unit basis as more products are added to the cart. Shipping isn’t free but it’s cheaper than the “free” shipping that Amazon provides.

Customer Loyalty

We will be keeping in touch with customers and providing special discounts and deals on new products. Loyalty rewards may also be offered in the future for frequent buyers.

Customer Service

We will be providing customer service directly for the orders placed through this website. Talking with the company that makes the product is always better than talking with a middle man.