Joe Beineke

Joe Beineke

Joe is the founder of Joe Knows Electronics.

Designing a Perfect Product Box

A product box seems like a simple thing. Most online stores don’t even box each product. So why do we bother? Because a box isn’t just a box. It’s an extension of the product itself and its utility. A product is only good if you can find it and use it when you need it. This is especially true with electronic components which can easily be accumulated in the dozens or hundreds of types. With this in mind we set out to design packaging based around a few criteria:

  • A Standard Size – This makes production, fulfillment, shipping, and storage easier.
  • Identifiable From All Sides – Stored in any orientation someone should be able to tell what it is, at least by number.
  • Standardized Labeling Scheme – The same type of information should be arranged in the same place across all SKUs.
  • A Photo – To show what it is visually.
  • A QR Code – To reorder the product to find details easily.
  • A Large SKU – One entire side of the box should be a barcode so that it can be identified in a stack of boxes.

And this is what that vision looks like:

We’ve made a name for ourselves by creating well organized component kits. While the components inside are a great value the organization is the real product. We’re taking that concept and applying it at a larger scale. You can organize a shelf of parts in the same way a box of parts would be organized. Instead of a workbench that looks like an explosion everything has a place and a number. The numbering system even beats the usual sharpy on tape on drawer system that many engineers employ.

Each box measures 4x2x3 inches. Boxes are designed to be identified by the large SKU on the small side. In 3ft of shelf space 18 unique SKUs and that density can increase with stacking.

My Workbench (Coming Soon):

Every customer will have access to an online database containing all products that they’ve ordered. These will be listed, searchable, and editable.

  • Searching – Searching an SKU will bring up the product, a link, photo, and key information about it. Searching a keyword like “resistor” will bring up all products owned by the customer related to that name.
  • Placement – Customers will be able to assign their own location, rack, shelf, and place identifiers to each product ordered.
  • Discard – Customers will be able to delete products from their database as they are consumed.

The idea behind this is that customers can have a shelf full of products with the SKU facing out. They can see the full title of the product, photo, and other information online in a list of products associated with their own orders. This makes it much easier to find something when it’s needed. There’s no need to make your own inventory system to keep track of everything, though our inventory system will generate an excel for you if you want it.

This feature is just about ready to go. More information will follow soon. We have the system in place for our own use but we will be building a customer facing interface.

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