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Joe Beineke

Joe Beineke

Joe is the founder of Joe Knows Electronics.

New Resistor Kits Are Here

After months of preparation our new resistor kits are finally here. They’re in stock at our North Carolina warehouse and ready to ship. This is a set of 28 new SKUs added to our catalog.

  • 1/4W – 7 boxes, 12 values each
  • 1/2W – 7 boxes, 12 values each
  • 1W – 14 boxes, 6 values each

Our old resistor kits consisted of 86 ohm values, 10 pieces of each. These new resistor kits consist of 12 ohm values for 1/4W and 1/2W sizes, 6 values for 1W. 25 pieces of each ohm value are included.

When compared to our older kits the new style offers some advantages:

  • Lower cost per component. On a per resistor basis the retail price is lower.
  • Lower initial cost. Rather than buy a larger kit containing all 86 values for $30 it’s possible to order a smaller range of the values you’ll use most for around $6.
  • Easy to restock. A QR code on the box takes you directly to the place to order more. Fewer values in each box means replacing only the resistors you need without needing to reorder those that you don’t.

There are some similarities between the old and new kits:

  • The ziplock bags containing each ohm value are the same size and type. We still use 3x3in 4mil bags.
  • There is a label on each bag and it’s the same type we used in previous products.

The old resistor kits have been discontinued, though there may be some inventory available on Amazon through third party sellers.

Prices for our products are automatically calculated and updated weekly based on factors such as exchange rate, supplier price, and logistics costs. Customers may see our prices change. It’s an automated system.

We’ve closed our operations in Shenzhen and have shifted production to Changsha to reduce costs. A lot has happened in the background to make these new products possible and these are the first of many.

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