5mm Round LED Assortment - 5 Colors, 100 Pieces

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This is the type that everyone thinks of when they think LED. This type of LED projects light in a narrow 15-30 degree cone of light. It’s great for projects which require focused light directly in front of the LED.
  • Extremely bright. Best brightness in the industry.
  • High quality LED chips made by Epistar, one of the largest LED manufacturers in the world.
  • Consistency. One LED is a consistent color and brightness to the next in the package.
  • Long life. When operated correctly these LEDs should last at least 100,000 hours.


 Color Voltgage Wavelength Brightness (mcd)
White 3-3.2V 6000-8000K 20,000-25,000
Blue 3-3.2V 465nm 8,000-10,000
Green 3-3.2V 515nm 18,000-22,000
Red 2-2.2V 619nm 6,000-10,000
Yellow 2-2.2V 580nm 6,000-8,000