Semiconductor Kit - 320 Transistors & Diodes

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  • 3 booklets which serve as a guide to how transistors work, how diodes work, and some examples of how these parts can be used in circuits.
  • 10 example circuits to demonstrate the basic concepts of semiconductors so that the understanding gained can be applied to your own unique designs in the future.
  • 7 SMD components with through hole adapters which enables use of those components with a solderless breadboard. This gives customers the unique opportunity to experiment with SMD parts that would otherwise be off limits to beginners.
  • 13 transistor and 20 diode types. 320 parts in total.

Preview the included booklets:

How Transistors Work
How Diodes Work
How Circuits Work

Included Transistors

 Part Quantity Package Type Description
2N3904 45 TO-92 NPN General Purpose Amplifier
2N3906 45 TO-92 PNP General Purpose Amplifier
2SC5227A 3 TO-236/SOT-23 (SMD Adapted to Through Hole) NPN Epitaxial Planar Silicon Transistor
MJE172 6 TO-126 Low voltage high speed switching PNP transistor
MJE182 6 TO-126 Low voltage high speed switching NPN transistor
MPSA42 6 TO-92 NPN High Voltage Amplifier
MPSA92 6 TO-92 PNP High Voltage Amplifier
SS9018 12 TO-92 AM/FM Amplifier
STX616 6 TO-92 High Voltage NPN Power Transistor
KSP13BU 9 TO-92 Darlington Transistor
J310G 6 TO-92 JFET VHF/UHF Amplifier
2N7000G 6 TO-92 Small Signal MOSFET
MCR100-6G 6 TO-92 Reverse Blocking Thyristors

Included Diodes

 Part Quantity Package Type Description
1N1418 45 DO-35 Fast Switching Diode
10A01-T 6 31-R-6 10A Rectifier
BY500-600 6 DO-201AD Soft Recovery Fast Switching Plastic Rectifier
RC205 2 RC-2 Single-Phase Glass Passivated Silicon Bridge Rectifier
1N6263 8 DO-204AH Small Signal Schottky Diode
BA479 3 DO-35 Silicon PIN Diode
SMV1249 2 TO-236/SOT-23 (SMD Adapted to Through Hole) Hyperabrupt Junction Tuning Varactors
S102-T 2 SOD-123 (SMD Adapted to Through Hole) Current Regulative Diode
1N5221B 6 DO-204AH Zener Diode 2.4V
1N5226B 12 DO-204AH Zener Diode 3.3V
1N5229B 6 DO-204AH Zener Diode 4.3V
1N5230B 6 DO-204AH Zener Diode 4.7V
1N5231B 12 DO-204AH Zener Diode 5.1V
1N5233B 6 DO-204AH Zener Diode 6.0V
1N5235B 6 DO-204AH Zener Diode 6.8V
1N5239B 6 DO-204AH Zener Diode 9.1V
1N5240B 6 DO-204AH Zener Diode 10V
1N5242B 6 DO-204AH Zener Diode 12V
1N5248B 6 DO-204AH Zener Diode 18V
1N5250B 6 DO-204AH Zener Diode 20V