We offer 3 shipping speeds:
- Standard (3-5 Business Days)
- Expedited (2 Business Days)
- Priority (Next Business Day)

Shipping area:
50 United States

Shipping Time:
Generally within 24 hours.

Warehouse Location:
We ship from more than 75 Amazon warehouses using Amazon's fulfillment service. Inventory is spread across the country and will be sent to you from a location that's near the delivery address, has the product in stock, and is available to fulfill the order quickly.

Because we use Amazon's warehouses for fulfillment your order will arrive in an Amazon branded box. Gift wrapping is currently not available.

Shipping Calculation:

Cart Item QuantityStandard (3-5 Days)Expedited (2 Days)Priority (Next Day)
1$5.17/item + $0.39/lb$7.57/item + $0.39/lb$13.07/item + $0.39/lb
2$3.17/item + $0.39/lb$4.57/item + $0.39/lb$7.07/item + $0.39/lb
3$2.67/item + $0.39/lb$4.37/item + $0.39/lb$6.07/item + $0.39/lb
4$2.57/item + $0.39/lb$4.17/item + $0.39/lb$5.17/item + $0.39/lb
5+$2.17/item + $0.39/lb$3.14/item + $0.39/lb$4.07/item + $0.39/lb